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Steampunk Short Film Theatre
With several titles from across the internet, the Steampunk Short Film Theatre will be showcasing some of the newest and best steampunk short films created all by fans!. Click here for more information!
Costume Contest
The perfect place for experts and amateurs alike to show off their favorite costume, our costume contest is a fun way to get others to see your hard work. The contest is easy to sign up for and is open to everyone! Click here for more info!
Mysterious Theatre 337
A group of creative and hilarious fans riff a Doctor Who classic in te style of MST3K. Find out more about them and other programming by clicking here!

Her Majesty's Masquerade Ball

Looking for a more refined dance experience? Want to go to a dance where you can show off your newest steampunk outfits, ballroom masks, or period dress? The Masquerade Ball is the perfect place to come in style and move beautifully to classical and epic music. Come with a partner or maybe meet up with one and dance the night away!

This is a charity ball to benefit the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. Open your wallets and donate to a great cause! MYSO will be performing at 9pm for your listening and dancing pleasure! Join us Friday, April 11, opening night from 8-11pm for Uk Expo's First Annual Masquerade Charity Ball!

Ladies, wear your finest! Gentlemen, dress sharp! We are having a magnificent masked ball where you can dance and mingle with all UK Expo's brightest and finest attendees. With a wide variety of music and events everyone will be able to enjoy a night of fun and excitement all while supporting a great cause!

This year our choice charity is the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO). It is one of the most successful and respected youth orchestra programs in the nation, regularly recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally for its artistic excellence. With nearly 1,000 young musicians ages 8-18 from as many as 14 counties, 60 communities and 200 schools throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois participating in MYSO's many music training programs, it has become one of the largest organizations of its kind in the United States. Since 1956, MYSO's programs have fostered critical thinking skills, creativity and collaboration through more than 25 ensemble options, all providing high quality musical experiences to students at various skill levels.

It's a chance for us all to give something back to the many communities of Wisconsin and Illinois as well as those who continue to give us so much enjoyment through the art of music! For more information on MYSO and what they are doing for those in the community, visit their website for more info.

Entry to Her Majesty's Masquerade Ball requires formal attire as well as a minimum donation to the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra of $5.

Don't have a mask? Don't worry! Although a masquerade ball and a mask is encouraged, we are not requiring a mask for entry.

Festivities will commence promptly at 8pm. The Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra will perform at 9pm. The ball ends at 11pm.

We will be having a Best Mask Contest, as well as a number of other fun and interesting games and events. So dress to impress, and be ready for fun! No entry is required; a costume judge will go around to let the contestants (possible winners) know to stick around to the end of the ball when we will announce our winners. You must be present to win. The best of luck to you!

Before reading the rules for the dress code, please familiarize yourself with the UK Expo's general rules and costume policies.

NOTE: In your selection of dress, please keep in mind that you need to be comfortable. We highly recommend that you do not wear anything that will constrict, restrict, or possibly need the jaws of life to extract you from, in case of an emergency. Also, keep in mind that your shoes should be comfortable and good for dancing. Stumbling about in too-tall heels is a hazard to yourself and others. Clothes must also be worn appropriately, meaning keep those shirts tucked in!

Any specific inquiries regarding the formal ball, dress code, or song requests may be made at


Absolutely NO: T-shirts or casual shirts, jeans, shorts of any kind, sneakers, sandals, bare feet, flip-flops, upon entry. No wet liquids on your person such as body paint or fake blood.

Allowed under Certain Circumstances:
Skirts: We ask that you keep it tasteful and formal-looking. No mini-skirts PLEASE! Must be paired with formal-looking tops. (example: Corsets)
Kilts: They must be FORMAL and worn with FORMAL attire.
Steampunk: Must still follow the FORMAL guidelines. Please be respectful of others as large props and dress appropriate weapons will be allowed into the ballroom, but you are responsible for your prop and standard convention weapon rules apply.
Flats (shoes): Are allowed, but we ask PLEASE no flip-flops.**See more on shoes below**
Hats: No baseball hats, beanies, bandannas, or any casual headwear.
Bags/purses: Small, FORMAL purses or clutches will be allowed. **See more on purses/bags below**

What is allowed:
Masks are highly recommended as there will be a Best Mask Contest!
Black tie formal wear
Men's suits
Men's button-down dress shirt with tie and dress slacks. Belt highly recommended, a jacket is also recommended. A waistcoat or vest can be worn in place, or with a tie. We also ask that a button-up shirt not be worn by itself.
Formal Military attire
Prom/wedding style dresses/cocktail dresses
FORMAL period clothing
Dressy separates
Men's dress shoes
Women's pumps/heels/dress shoes. **See more on shoes below*
Cosplay/Crossplay is allowed (and encouraged!) So long as the costume meets the above requirements. While the door crew is very familiar with many shows of many genres, they haven't seen everything, so while you might think something is formal, we may not think so and it may not be allowed. If you have ANYTHING you're not sure about and want to know if it will be allowed, please ask. We realize that some things might not be accepted where you think they ought to be, but the entire dress code was carefully thought out and the rules are there for a reason. Please do not argue with the door crew.

**At this time, attendees are permitted to carry SMALL, formal purses/clutches into the Formal Ball. No large or casual bags will be allowed. If you have a bag that is not permitted, you will be asked to take it back to your room. Likewise, any outerwear such as a coat or jacket (not part of your formal attire) should be taken to your room prior to entering the ball.

**We will not have an area for shoes. We ask that you keep in mind we are NOT responsible for anything left behind, lost, stolen or damaged while in the area. With that in mind, we again ask that you please plan accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Charity Ball you will not be admitted without formal wear.

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