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Steampunk Short Film Theatre
With several titles from across the internet, the Steampunk Short Film Theatre will be showcasing some of the newest and best steampunk short films created all by fans!. Click here for more information!
Costume Contest
The perfect place for experts and amateurs alike to show off their favorite costume, our costume contest is a fun way to get others to see your hard work. The contest is easy to sign up for and is open to everyone! Click here for more info!
Mysterious Theatre 337
A group of creative and hilarious fans riff a Doctor Who classic in te style of MST3K. Find out more about them and other programming by clicking here!

Be you new new to the whole dress-up thing or were pretending it was halloween everyday, come participate in our fun costume contest! We have a low pressure event designed to be easy to enjoy for all skill levels and ages. Make sure to swing by the Costume Contest and Steampunk Fashion Show Signup to register for our Costume Contest!


1. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. This is the hotel's policy.
2. Pictures or video of all contestants may be used for promotion or sale.
3. Costumes will be judged on accuracy, creativity, and presentation.
4. Costumes that rented are not eligible to win an award, but may still be exhibited.
5. If you did not design your costume, the designer will also receive the same award as the participant.
6. No electrical power will be provided. If your costume requires power, it must be a part of your costume design.
7. All awards presented are at the judges' discretion.
8. No swearing or course language will be allowed.

1. You must have purchased a UK Expo badge in order to enter the Costume Contest.
2. Children six years of age and younger must be accompanied on stage by an adult.
3. All participants must complete their own entry form for their costume. Although participants may be presented at the same time or perform together, costumes will be judged on an individual basis and awards will be presented to one entrant, not a group.
4. Participants who wish to walk on as a group or are performing in a skit must register at the same time. There will be no late additions to any group.
5. Contestants may sign up for the category they believe they belong in. However, the Costume Contest Coordinator and/or the judges reserve the right to move the participant into a different category at their discretion.
6. Entry slots are non-transferable.

1. There are no restrictions on costume source. This means that all genres and original characters (OCs) are permitted.
2. Entrants are encouraged to bring reference material for their costumes. This allows the judges to familiarize themselves with your costume and will aid in judging accuracy. OCs are also encouraged to bring reference pictures, descriptive excerpts from printed material to show their creative process.
3. Do not bring real swords, knives, guns, martial arts weapons, or any other real weapons. Only props are allowed. No exceptions.
4. This is a family-friendly event. Please avoid bringing costumes of a lewd or distasteful nature.

1. Script for skits are due when registering. If you are entering as a walk-on and are planning on acting out a scene, you will also need your script pre-approved.
2. Skits must be five minutes or less in length. You will be asked to leave the stage after five minutes or be disqualified.
3. You may include singing and dancing in your skit. Songs and dance must be pre-approved.
4. Play fighting is only allowed if choreographed before the contest.
5. Playing pre-recorded music will not be an option for skits.

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