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Steampunk Short Film Theatre
With several titles from across the internet, the Steampunk Short Film Theatre will be showcasing some of the newest and best steampunk short films created all by fans!. Click here for more information!
Costume Contest
The perfect place for experts and amateurs alike to show off their favorite costume, our costume contest is a fun way to get others to see your hard work. The contest is easy to sign up for and is open to everyone! Click here for more info!
Mysterious Theatre 337
A group of creative and hilarious fans riff a Doctor Who classic in te style of MST3K. Find out more about them and other programming by clicking here!

Panels are the meat of a convention. They inform, entertain, and introduce you to new ideas and people. Right here is where you can find out about our great panel content. Click here for the schedule!

Below is a list of panel descriptions of the fun stuff to do this weekend!.

Breaking the Routine – Learn Improv
Ever see that show Who's Line is it Anyway? Ever want to try something like it? Come and learn improv today. Improv is like acting but instead of learning lines you learn how to use your wits. So come and learn to be an improver today!

Explore authors and the written word, from historical authors to current works. Come discuss J. R. R. Tolkein, J. K. Rowling, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Ian Fleming, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, etc.

Christopher Lee Is Awesome
Whose the coolest geek actor of all? While there can be many candidates, this panel gives the case for Christopher Lee, a man who has in many movies and played many of the BEST characters in all of geekdom. Join us in celebrating one awesome career!

Classic Wooing
Chivalry is not dead! Learn the art of the 16th Century English compliment and how to give and receive such praise gracefully. Hosted by the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Costume Contest
See the creative genius of our attendees as they compete for fun or fame in our Costume Contest! There is no telling what type of costume you may see! Interested in participating? Stop by the Costume Contest and Steampunk Fashion Show signup panel.

Costume Contest and Steampunk Fashion Show Signup
Yep. The title says it all. This is the spot to come if you would like to signup to be in either the Costume Contest or the Steampunk Fashion Show (or both). We want you!

Craft Invasion
Bracelets, papercraft, bookmarks, coloring, wands, oh my! We have a ton of fun for kids and kids at heart!

See the best of Eurovision, Europe's definitive singing contest! Starting in 1956, it one of the world's longest running television programmes. It is one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world with viewing numbers as high as 600 million! Join us to see what you've been missing!

Hogwarts: What House Do You Belong In?
Learn all about the founders of the four different houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Be sorted into the right house for you by the Sorting Hat!

Irish Mob
Be you of Clerkenwell or Noonan persuasion, join us for a rollicking good time of our British version of the classic game Mafia!

Knighting Ceremony
Our benevolent ruler is looking for new knights and ladies for the court. Test your mettle and might against the Code of Chivalry and you could be knighted! Brought to you by the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

LUMOS: Light, More Light!
Face it, not being at Hogwarts is no fun. Why not bring the magical world of J.K. Rowling to you? Join the Lawrence University Magical Organization of Students as we explore ways to use our magic for the forces of good!

Model UK Parliament
This panel is for all the political buffs out there. The panel will have a government and an opposition, to model the real government. The two major topics that we will be discussing will be the Crimea and Scottish independence. Other topics can be discussed if we have time.

Mysterious Theatre 337
Be prepared to roll on the floor laughing as this group of experienced performers cracks jokes, MST3K-style, to one of the greatest Dr. Who episodes of all time – The Five Doctors! Even if you have never seen this episode, Doctor Who, or Mystery Science Theater 3000, you'll enjoy listening to this hilarious group's commentary. Unexpect the Expected!

Mystery British Theater
It's a video buffet of British awesomeness! Join us for random clips, fan videos and goofy weirdness from all your favorite Brit series and movies! We delve into things from all over the board, you're guaranteed to like something. See clips from old classics or new stuff you never even heard about! A good time shall be had by all. Content with adult language and content will be shown.

New Who
Covering all of the basics of Doctor Who after the 2005 restart, this is the panel to find out about parts of the show you've missed, meet new friends, and share your favorite parts of the series. This is an open forum to discuss anything related to modern Doctor Who episodes, from the 9th to the 12th Doctor.

Professor Layton
Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke recall an early adventure uncovering the mystery behind the strange occurrences surrounding an opera and it's composer's long lost daughter.

Prof. Pinkerton of Dead Man's Carnival
Join Prof. Pinkerton Xyloma as he returns the stage to a place where showmanship reigns supreme! Acrobatics? Magic? Who knows what to expect? Come and find out!

Read or Die
Watch as Yomiko Readman, an agent for the British Library, uses her special powers of controlling paper to save the world from the hands of Ikkyu as he attempts to reconstruct Beethoven's supposedly lost "Death Symphony".

Ring Game/2nd Age Info Session
Come get information about two live-action-role-playing games Tolkien fans get together to play for fun: Ring Game and Second Age Alliance. Both games are played in beautiful Governor Dodge State Park in south-western Wisconsin once to twice a year. We'll share information about the games, links to the fan groups, and our experience playing them!

Secret Panel ????
This panel is awesome and you totally should be here. But, wait, what's going on? Why isn't it on the schedule? Heh heh heh! Test your super secret agent spy skills by finding and figuring out clues throughout the convention. You'll uncover the where, what, and when to reach a secret panel just for you! Got stuck? Go to the Room of Requirement for extra help!

This is for all you Sherlockians out there. Come and discuss your favorite parts and characters.Come and share information that others might not know and maybe learn some stuff yourself.

Smart Dating For Blokes and Birds
It can be a scary world out there for the lonely geek! Learn how to protect yourself physically and emotionally from the creeps. Also get tips on how to get out and find the right one! Share your lucky encounters and horror stories with follow fans in this must attend panel!

Sonic Screwdriver Showdown!
Come and discuss which Doctor is the best Doctor (or at least your favorite Doctor) across all series (including companions and villains!).

Speed Dating: Hetero
Need to find that special someone? Here is the place to do so! We'll be rotating everyone so they get a chance to meet each other and get an opportunity to meet the person of their dreams! For this first speed dating event, we are running just a heterosexual matchup, please look forward to LGBT next year! All participants must be 18 or older.

Spice Girls Fandom
Come remember the best-selling girls group of all time – the Spice Girls! Formed in '94, it's been two decades since they entered the scene. Let's talk about the "girl power" movement they inspired in the 90's and their outrageous movie – Spiceworld!

Steam Century
Steam Century is pleased to be making its first visit to UK Expo! Designed to be played concurrently with other convention events, players will be tasked with solving a mystery by interviewing suspects, examining clues, and solving puzzles. No experience is required! The event will get underway with an opening theatrical scene at Noon; players will then have all afternoon to solve the mystery, dropping off their solutions by 5:00 PM. Then, at 5:30 PM, a final theatrical scene will reveal the solution, with an out-of-character explanation of the mystery to follow.

Steampunk Fashion Show
See professionals and amateurs alike as they show off their creative steampunk outfits! Have a great outfit yourself? Sign up to be part of the fantasy at the Costume Contest and Steampunk Fashion Show Signup panel!

Steampunk Short Film Theatre
With several titles from across the internet, the Steampunk Short Film Theatre will be showcasing some of the newest and best steampunk short films created all by fans! Titles include: Airlords of Airia, Strega: Unbound, Trial of the Mask, The Wars of Other Men, and Aurora.

Tale Telling
Join the panel of fairy tale characters as they have everyone help them retell their tales. Then the fairy tale characters will work their magic, and help you create your own tales. Brought to life by the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

The Milwaukee Time Lords
Attend this panel to learn more about Milwaukee's very own Doctor Who fan club. Founded in August, 1989, they are have been a cornerstone of British fandom in the area for very nearly twenty-five years!

Top Gear: Blowing Trannies
This panel lists some of the worst mechanical failures from Top Gear (and best moments). We're going topless and crashing the party. Hold on to your lugnuts! Join the discussion about the best and worst of Top Gear and have a wheel-y good time. Tire-d of American car shows? Get geared up and Stig around for fun!

UKX Official Feedback Panel
Welp, the con is nearly over and you really need to tell someone how your weekend went! We are here for you! We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from you so we can improve for next year and give you more of the stuff you loved.

Voice Acting and Web Series Production
So you want to make a web series or voice act on the web or tele? Well come on in to the wonderful world of Gothic Hippy Productions. Joel Linsk knows what it takes for you to be on your way and he loves getting the audience involved. So come one, come all!

William Fliss
Sit and learn with William Fliss, an archivist in the Department of Special Collections and University Archives at Raynor Memorial Libraries. He is curator of Marquette University's enormous collection of J. R. R. Tolkien manuscripts, second in size only to the collection at Oxford's Bodleian Library. He will be talking about Marquette's fantastic collection!

Zumba w/ GeekyGamerGirl
Spend some time at UK Expo with an energizing Zumba class taught by the GeekyGamerGirl! Zumba is a fun and easy to follow Latin-inspired dance fitness party. Come enjoy some geeky music and exercise with me! Comfortable and easy to move in attire is recommended.

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