UK Expo!

Steampunk Short Film Theatre
With several titles from across the internet, the Steampunk Short Film Theatre will be showcasing some of the newest and best steampunk short films created all by fans!. Click here for more information!
Costume Contest
The perfect place for experts and amateurs alike to show off their favorite costume, our costume contest is a fun way to get others to see your hard work. The contest is easy to sign up for and is open to everyone! Click here for more info!
Mysterious Theatre 337
A group of creative and hilarious fans riff a Doctor Who classic in te style of MST3K. Find out more about them and other programming by clicking here!

Secrets! Hidden messages! Clues! Mystery! UK Expo absolutely isn't running a spy game all weekend! *wink* For all those who love to test your puzzle brain. Unscramble the clues and find hidden items. If you manage to put everything together, you can gain access to a secret panel on Sunday! Do you have what it takes?

A clue will be posted here at the start of the con. Please check back!

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